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Excellence, Improved Upon: 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI, Tested in Depth!

The GTI is now entering its 12th consecutive year as a winner of our 10Best Cars award (along with the rest of its Golf family), and it’s as good as ever. The GTI is a practical car with real performance credibility at a price that would make plenty of dynamically inferior cars blush. But despite […]

2019 Ferrari 488GTO Spied Honing its Superiority

What It Is: A red Ferrari that’s more interesting than the typical scarlet horse seen cruising Bel Air, London, or some other such place. That’s because it is a prototype previewing the 488GTB’s rarer, higher-performance sibling. Ferrari built a similarly upgraded version of the 488GTB’s predecessor, the 458 Italia, but rather than that maxi model’s […]

How Much Art Can You Take? Mini Announces New Logo

If, in your youth, you were primarily exposed to the tiny wonder created by Sir Alec Issigonis during quadrennial visits to the United Kingdom, the Mini could be a confusing thing to parse, brandwise. Some wore Morris badges, others Austin. We suppose it wasn’t unlike a young European visiting America and wondering why Chrysler Neons […]

2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid First Drive: Can a TL;DR Society Embrace the PHEV?

“Too long; didn’t read,” abbreviated tl;dr by internet commenters who can’t be bothered to spell out all of four words, could be our new national motto, a reflection of society’s shrinking attention span. Twitter’s generous doubling of its character limit notwithstanding, we live in a world that tends to ignore complex ideas that can’t be […]